Jesus in His Own Words: A Layman's Perspective​

Assuming no prior Bible knowledge and avoiding the usual Christian jargon, Jesus in His Own Words hits the highlights of the messages of Jesus spoke during his time on earth. Whether you’re a follower of Jesus or not, may this book spur you to further exploration and study, to open consideration of the words herein, and to a deeper understanding of the one who lived and spoke as no other. Consider his words from the gospel of John:

“The words that I have spoken to you are spirit and life.(John 6:63, NASB)

What a bold statement. Who talks like this? Who makes claims like this…

Who is Jesus?

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Let Him tell you...

Too often we rely on cultural misconceptions instead of going back to the source: what Jesus has to say about Himself. Jesus in His Own Words: A Layman’s Perspective highlights over 200 key passages of Jesus’ words and explains them in a way accessible to readers of all backgrounds. The perfect resource for a skeptic, seeker, or believer wanting a clear picture of the real Jesus.


Jesus in His Own Words paints a portrait of the central figure in human history, Jesus Christ, using his own words. It seeks to convince the reader that our decision about the person and message of Jesus is the single most important decision we will ever make.

This book uses words of Jesus recorded in the Bible, combined with short, lay-friendly explanations that amplify their meaning and context. Jesus’ words are organized into 12 basic categories— such as “His Identity,” “His Miracles,” “His Death and Resurrection,” and “His Teachings on the End Times.”

Personally Relevant

Whether one is a believer, skeptic, or seeker, the question, Who is Jesus should be answered. Transcending denominational boundaries and thus offering a wide appeal, the book seeks to help readers of all backgrounds—including those unfamiliar with Christianity and theological jargon—to understand who Jesus is, why he came, and what he taught.

Available in Various Formats

Available in bonded leather ($15) and high-quality paperback ($9), eBook, and audiobook, this resource is readily available to meet you where you are at.

Like the question, Who is God, the question Who is Jesus is one we should not ignore. C. S. Lewis famously argued we cannot simply regard him as a great moral teacher. That option is not open to us. So who is Jesus? What did he say? What did he claim? What better way is there to find out than by reading his own words for yourself. For a limited time, churches and ministries may enjoy discounts up to 83% off of the Paperback edition. Inquire by emailing us at or complete our contact form.

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